How Quickly It Passes

Relaxing by my Mom tonight when my Dad came in & said “Can you believe just a month ago it was christmas?”  Took me a few seconds to realize that he was right.  Exactly a month.

It was now over a month since I got the call to meet them at the hospital. Just a little over a month since we all feared she wasn’t coming home again & that I decided it was time I came home again… part time anyway.  Surreal how much has happened in such little time.

Which made me realize Mom hasn’t left the bed for over a month now.  Just been rolled back and forth & adjusted in the same bed for over a month.  Just sitting there waiting and being waited on.  Learning to let go and let others help.  We all are learning so much about who we are and what we mean to each other.  Blows my mind to think how different we all acted and were just a month ago.

It is cliché to state, but each breath is a gift to treasure.


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