Oh yeah… & this is happening

The date May 25 will always hold a place in history.


In 1977, Star Wars was released on May 25th.  Forever changing life as we know it.  At least it certainly made it better in my eyes.  Love it.  But now I have a new reason to love May 25th.

A tiny little one, but beyond major to me.  I’m going to be an aunt!  For the first time.

Life is all about balance.

Wanted to share since this blog is a bit depressing lately (sorry, just life at the moment).  My sister & brother-in-law are now comfortable enough with making it public on facebook, so I figure I can share here too.

Actually I want to go outside & SCREAM in pure joy & dance every time I really think of it!  I’m going to be the best aunt in the world.  I CAN NOT wait to meet this new member of the family.  With a due date that is the same day as the International Day of the Jedi, I just know we are going to be fast friends!

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