Want a piece of cake?

We made it!  Although I wasn’t sure we would get there, it turns out my mom has officially had another birthday!


As much as I would have liked to celebrate it up big, she wasn’t up to it yesterday.  Food wise little appeals to her lately, but I discovered angel food cake still works!  Closest to a sweet she will tolerate.  So Angel Food Cake it was!  Not the typical birthday cake around here, but who cares? As long as we are all smiling so be it.

Clearly I play the part of the well intended blonde at times in my family, because I was the one who had it in front of her with candle in place & was about to strike the match to light it…. while she was using oxygen!  Evidently open flames and oxygen tanks are not that great together.  Luckily I was stopped before lighting the match & haven’t a clue what the outcome would have been.

We still sang Happy Birthday & she promised she made a wish.

Still seems surreal how much has changed since her birthday last year, but we are all still here.  For that I am grateful.

A few unexpected guests joined in the new moon/birthday festivities last night!


SLUGS!  All over this one post on their porch and only on the one post.  I can’t really remember the last time I saw a slug, but there they were.  Counted 8 at one point.  All just quietly dancing around slowly.

Then tonight there they are again.  Well two were back when I went to let Baxter outside this evening.  Same post.  Still no others on any of the other posts.  Just random.


So what do I do when faced with a wild animal?  Try to feed it.  Just like I did as a kid!  Very few animals were not invited to be my friend as a kid.  Thankfully this didn’t get me into any real trouble, although the pet black widow spider scared everyone when I was about 5!  Didn’t get to keep her for some reason.  (Sorry to the adults in my life at that time!)

But slugs.  What the heck do slugs even eat? Admittedly I don’t know very much regarding slugs.  They don’t gross me out or frighten me but I can’t say I have ever really paid them much attention either.

To the googles!

Which is where I discovered quite a few aspects I hadn’t thought about.  Like how they seem to be connected to the seen & unseen world.

Slugs are gastropods and mollusks with a soft body and no shell, or only a rudimentary shell inside the body. The Slug spoken of here is the terrestrial slug, such as the banana slug or garden slug; not the Sea Slug, which would be looked at seperately. Slugs are hermaphroditic, and the gender-neutral pronouns “sie” and “hir” will be used for this page.
Slug is a very “mystical” sort of Spirit Animal. While animals like mountain lion or raccoon are very earth-based, Slug has a more ethereal quality to hir teachings. Slug leaves trails that are iridescent… seemingly magical. These trails are often interpretted to be signs and totems left by Slug, and can be interpretted. Slug is a great communicator, both mundane and spiritual. Slug is nocturnal and has ties with the moon.
Slug Medicine is in its most primal basic form that of a healer. Not too long ago, Native Americans used to let Banana Slug crawl around in their mouths when they had a toothache, because Slug’s mucous is an anaesthetic. Slug’s wisdom includes that of healing body, mind, and spirit, and represents the connections that must be healthy between these for overall well-being.
Slug can cling to glass, upside down, yet to the touch, the “slime” is slick and is used to rid hirself of gunk… like anything wet and sliming around in the leaves and dirt would collect. It just slides off of Slug (you can see it at the end of their tails sometimes). This is another part of Slug’s wisdom — letting go, or leaving behind the “junk” and garbage of life… rumors, bad feelings, stories, material ties, attachment and so on. Slug is of balance, represented by sticky mucous to help hir hold on when it is important — a solid base — versus slick slime to help hir shed the trivial things.
Slug is not very connected to the physical world. Slug may lose part of hir body during mating; this is for the continuation of the species and is not mourned (it does in fact help slugs in the long run). Slug sheds hirself of all material things. Sie eats on the move. Sie shelters wherever there may be shelter.
Slug’s medicine also includes incredible strength. Particularly hidden strength. It may not seem like it, looking at that little squishy critter with no bones and only a rudimentary shell inside. But Slug is almost pure muscle. Sie moves by tiny ripples of those muscles. The foot muscles are the most evidence of this… you can see them moving watching a slug on a piece of glass, from underneath.
Slug also has the Wisdom of self-protection and hiding. Slug can pull hirself almost entirely under hir mantle, protecting most of hir vital organs. Sie protects hirself from predators in this way. Sie also protects hirself from the harsh sun and dryness by hiding under a stone or piece of wood or in a crack, emerging in the gentle night.
Part of Slug’s teachings include simplicity. Slugs live simply (survival — food/shelter/reproduction) and are simple organisms.
Also, Slug’s wisdom is that of seeing the world of spirit and shadow — seeing beyond the mundane and clairvoyance. Slug can’t “see” in terms of shape and color. They see in pure light and shadow.
Slug has a great deal to teach us about gender and sexuality. Slug may be considered to be a combination of both male and female, or an independent gender. They can reproduce with any other Slug (and suffer no sexism!), and also by themselves if a suitable partner can’t be found. Slug, like many other living things, challenges the duality of deity. Exceptionally fertile, many slugs lay hundreds of eggs at a time.”

(explanation courtesy of the Color Bull & a random Google search)

But I still don’t really know what it is they eat.

But a great healer.  Lessons of letting go.  Incredible strength.  Constant motion.  Maybe this one does have a lot I can learn from.  Interesting.

Love it when life leads you to gifts of randomness.


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