Alive. Well. Grateful.

I am thankful that miracles do exist.


Got the great news that my friend did not kill herself.  Instead she fell victim to a sick soul’s cry for help.  While the act was meant to hurt, she got to experience an incredible amount of love and honor that many never do until after their death.  Thankful that she is alive & now able to communicate with us.  Rather than embracing anger and rage at this attempt from this sad damaged person, I’m just going to rejoice in that my friend is still her & knows how much she is loved.  Also thrilled that life has a way of coming back to return what is given.

People are crazy.

Thankfully being virtually killed off is much less painful than the physical attempted murder!

This person now has my friend showered with love, reconnected with a working phone & place to stay and ALIVE.  So guessing that wasn’t the intended purpose but HA!  I say a double HA HA! and add a bit of nah nahnie boo boo!  just because I can.

Cheers to good news & turning the hate into blessings.

With that I refuse to give this anymore attention.

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