Where Am I?

Took me a couple of decades to discover it, but I now understand it exist!  The fart that is not funny.  Typically I giggle like a school boy at the sound.  My mom being confined to her bed and us caring for her EVERY need, has found me dreading the formerly humorous sound. I’m starting to understand why mothers don’t find farts as funny after days of changing diapers.  Hoping it is a temporary phase.


Still there are a lot of changes to life recently.  Previously I was living alone and eating whatever & whenever I wanted (mostly out because cooking for one is boring).  After a couple of events and several long talks, I now am living most of the week at my parents’ place to help them care for my mom.  I just is way too much for one person to do. Isn’t fair or safe to put it all on my Dad. Hospice care is great & I don’t no where we would be without them.  I may not be the medically minded star my sister is at taking care of people, but I can try.

Worked it out to where I will spend four days with the parents then three days back on the coast in classes and soaking up some surf, sand & sanity.

So now I cook for me, my mom with her barely eat anything, bland diet and my father who is convinced he has diabetes type 2 (more on that in another post).  Bonus is free meals, chance to experiment with new recipes in a larger kitchen and most importantly time with BOTH my parent while they are still here.  I’m here to help with Mom as long as needed and then went she is gone, have a hunch Dad is going to need someone around even more.

Not sure how long this living situation is going to go on, but we will re-evaluate in May when the Summer semester begins.  I am thankfully to still be taking classes even if not as many as I originally thought I would be.  Unfortunately most of the online classes were closed so I am now part-time instead of full time.  But the trade off with being with family is worth it.  The drive back and forth however is going to be a beast.



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