Getting It Together

This past week I actually had someone convince me it was Friday for several hours.  The problem was it wasn’t Friday.  It was THURSDAY!

With everything going on & the lack of sleep, it is incredibly easy to lose track of time.  Days seem like hours sometimes.  Sometimes hours seem like days.

Just the way life is.

Still I need to be able to stay on top of it.  Organization to the rescue!

Starters… a new planner.  My one now runs out at the end of this month (um which is actually just a couple of days from now!) so time to find another.


Got lucky & found a great one at 50% off regular price.  Ended up tossing in the page a day calendar to keep on the night stand to see each morning since it was also 50% off.  Books-a-million has their calendars (wall, planners, small, big, seemed to be all types!) on sale for 50% off then I discovered at the register when you buy two they give you a free 2013 Book Lover’s page a day calender for free.  Really awesome part is it has coupons inside too. SCORE.  Not sure where that one is going but I will use it somewhere.


I can’t even start to track the days I have wondered half way through the day, “Did I take my medicine today?”.  Traveling always sets me off being able to easily remember.  So I invested in a pill caddy.  Yes one of those plastic boxes labeled with the days of the week.  Of course I didn’t get the senior style, had to have my sparkle!


Another plan is to take notes more.  Either on the phone, or in notebooks I can have nearby at all times.  Pen & paper can be a stressed girl’s best friend!  No more forgetting what it was I needed at the store or who I needed to email when I got home.  Just going to be better with the lists.  At least til life calms down some.


Tempted to get those Days of the Week undies, but I think I will stop for now.  Baxter agrees!


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