I tend to LOVE this time of year with all the planning for better lives, the hoping to achieve more than we did before & resolutions.  I make “resolutions” all year! Maybe it is the Virgo- side of me.


Already enjoying the blog post & challenges I see all over social media – 100 days (headed by John “the Penguin” Bingham) to move each day for at least 30 minutes, 29 Gifts (started by Cami Walker to give back for 29 days straight has always been a favorite of mine!), Good Reads has a Reading Challenge you set for yourself (I felt bad about my 18 read out of my 24 goal til I noticed so many others had goals of 2 or 3 & hadn’t completed!), photo challenges, cooking new recipes (ahem, I used to strive for that!), getting healthier about eating… all inspiring & feel like games I want to hop into!  (Like I TRIED to do last year – 2012 resolutions)

But right now I am trying my best to be realistic.  My life already has enough challenges.  Added pressure to be perfect isn’t going to help matters at the moment.  So I think for now I am going to skip focusing on most of the challenges.

I’ve got a new semester of school starting.  Family dynamics rapidly changing.  The ever present grasp to remember to take my meds and to stay able to motivate myself to get out of bed & into the world without panicking each day.

So I resolve to deal.

To stay focused and present.  To assist in making the world a better place for as many people as I can without endangering me.

My goals this year are simple – wake up each day, keep breathing and treasure each moment I can.

Certainly I will challenge myself in new ways, I plan on setting a new goal of books to read in 2013, I will always be that person who aims for a bulls eye somewhere.  The pressure of a list of things I have to do just isn’t something I need at the moment.  I have a few ideas in the works that I can add in as it feels right.  I’m working on my own timeline here.  It is my life, my calender.  I’m owning this!

2013 is going to be bringing a lot of changes to my life.  Best I can do is to find ways to work with the process and make the most of it.

Well that & take time to appreciate all that the year has brought to us.  Even the dark makes us appreciate the light, so there is worth in every moment.  Sometimes it just is a hell of a lot harder to find it.




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