Joy to the World

Tonight while children listen for sleigh bells & hope to be visited by the jolly ole elf, take time to relax and enjoy a moment of peace.

The last couple of days have been intense around here & this isn’t really the place to discuss it all right now.  Some things in life will just never be easy to accept and especially this time of year.  I’m thankful for whatever powers there are that have changed the outcome that could have been into one where we are still all here to celebrate together.  Not quite how we had hoped, but at the end of the day, we are all able to be together another Christmas.  That is a gift better than we could have expected.

I am beyond grateful for family and friends.  Remembering those who can’t be with us while savoring every last second I can of those who are still here.  I’m hoping all who are struggling tonight have some relief.  Grant us all the strength to deal with all we are dished and maybe just a little more to share some joy with those who need it.  The instinct and knowledge to be of assistance how we can for those who need it yet able to take care of ourselves along the way to be able to continue to help.

This next week is going to be really tough for me & I’m not sure how much I feel comfortable blogging about.  Another of those this isn’t entirely my story to tell tales.  I can say I am learning a lot about how far I have come.  About how when I am tested I do better than most expect me to.   Learning that the love shared between Mother and Daughter or Wife and Husband is more magical than can be simplified to works made of letters.  Just more than can be explained or understood.   It is very scary to face fear and some are just a lot scarier than others.  Even in our older years, there are moments we need a hand to hold to be brave.  Some one by our side to make sense of it all.  A trusted group who can support each other and try to think through the best for all involved.  A hug or knowing someone is there- just in case you need them.

So tonight as you enjoy the merriment and tomorrow as the blissful traditions go on, take mental pictures.  Live in the moments.  I promise you will miss them when they are no more.  Hopefully they continue with new players in the cast, but you will miss some who can no longer be there.  The memories are the key to keeping the closer.  The memories keep us connected.  Our loved ones are always near but while there are physically here, cherish the laughter, the frustrations, the calm, the chaos, the crazy “only in my family” times.  Those are what life is truly about & more precious that anything that can be wrapped in a bow.

Merry Christmas!

(& should you feel inclined to send some comforting thoughts towards my family it is very appreciated or if you pray that would be great too.  We certainly seem to need every bit of luck we can get at the moment. Thank you.)


3 thoughts on “Joy to the World

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