Tis The Season To Be Tacky

I blame Pinterest.

Or maybe it is my lack of job or classes right now.  For whatever reason sometimes a girl just has to break out her glue gun & just enjoy a few moments doing whatever she wants.

Last night I saw a post for a tinsel bag on Pinterest.


Never one to let a good sparkle go unnoticed, I thought I could do that!  Would be a perfect New Years Eve bag.  For one night it would be fine & could be fun.  My sister & brother-in-law have an annual New Years party at their place, so I won’t be going out.   Doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun with the look.  So I decided to add it to the never ending do one day list.

When I woke this morning I decided to get out & walk a bit.  Shopping as cardio.  Well that is the excuse.  Found my way walking around a place that had a red bag for $8 that just was calling to be covered!


So I did.


Some dollar store garland, glue gun & that big bag has a whole new look.


Sparkle officially added.

My job here is done.  Truly I mean that.  I put up the glue gun before anything else was harmed in the festive mood.


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