Keep Calm & Love On

I will be honest.  Wrote a post about the horrors of the past week, how we need more of this, less of this, the sadness, the fear… then I deleted it.  There are enough of those post out there.  Any news site can show you the whos, the whats, the wheres & there isn’t anything in the world that can answer the whys right now.

There is a lot of mourning.  There is a lot to mourn.

But this isn’t a mourning post.  This is a celebration.  Because life has to go on.  We have to celebrate each moment we can.  I feel if we celebrate now, we have less to possibly regret later.

so celebrate. Enjoy each and every moment while we can. We are the lucky ones who can.

The holidays are a time to rejoice and be with family and friends. This year, it is more important than ever. Life is ours to live.

As we send healing love and light to those who are missing the ones who aren’t so lucky today, be sure not to forget that we need to laugh and live while we cry and mourn.  It is all life & we get the chance to live it only for a little while.  Smile a little more – especially to others.  Hold a door for someone else.  Share a bit of what we have with those who don’t.  Give hugs and helping hands.  Make this life we have worth celebrating before we are too late.


Thoughts with all in Newtown, Ct & else where who are hurting right now.  May you soon find comfort in the memories you made together to help you get through these terrible times.


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