to the Future

I’m trying very hard to understand so much right now.

Trying to stay positive & thankful for all that is right now.

My family’s changing dimensions, being a college student instead of working, not being anywhere near what I thought I would be at this age and wondering if all things truly do happen for a reason.  Doubt it.  I think we make the best of what we can, but there are just some things that can not be good things.

Part of my struggle is in how to think of the future.  If what we truly have is just this moment, then why bother?  Still we (if we are lucky) keep waking up and keep going to sleep at night.  If we don’t plan or see some vision of where we want to be, it will never change.  We just have some series of life happening to us… without living the life we want.  My opinion is to make life enjoyable you need a goal to aim for, work toward & feel rewarded for getting to.  But what to do when there isn’t that bulls-eye?

Sick of living in some holding pattern.  Sick of people around me who have lives on hold.  Why can’t we all just have happy, healthy, hopeful lives where we dream big & those dreams come true once we work toward them?


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