Facebook is one of those things that can warm my heart and make me feel closer to family than ever before.  Then there are times like these.  Where it seems to be a landmine for anyone who isn’t living the perfect life.  Left and right are the postings and pictures showing happy couples, growing families and traditions being celebrated by generations together.

I try my best not to compare myself to others.  We all walk our own path and only we know our back story of how we get to where we are now.  Still.  On days where you feel less than great, those cheerful post seem to just amplify how different lives are.  I try to remind myself of everything I have been through and how strong it has made me, but every once in a blue moon you look in the mirror and all you see are the cracks that show.  Scars seem less like reminders of our resilience and more about the bad times.

It’s just that my life is painful right now with all its changes.  Gets hard to see past everything and remember I’m not the only one going through tougher times.

Helps to see other post like this one…


Keep telling myself that things have to fall apart in order to build the dreams I imagine.  All is going as it should be.  Bringing me where I need to be.  Feeling the hurt, is how we heal.  Hard as it seems.

It is the glass, tumbled by the sea that is treasured.


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