Honoring Patricia Monaghan

Some books seem to come into your life by divine intervention.  They are there with the words you need to read at just the right time.  Patricia Monaghan wrote several of those such books for me.

Sadly she passed on from this world this weekend on November 10th, 2012 after battling cancer.

For me she gave me a sense of connection at a time when I was blossoming in my realization that divinity was not strictly a male characteristic and celebrating the goddesses celebrates the divinity within.  Her books warmed my heart and provided guidance many times.  She had a gift of being able to seamlessly rope together stories & myths of cultures spanning the globe in unity.


She understood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and shared her experiences having it in the family.  She faced the monster of cancer when she lost her husband, Robert Shea, and her words inspired me to feel like the way I felt wasn’t so unusual after all.  In her writing, The Spirit of Chaos and the Chaos of Spirit, which originally was published in the  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2005 issue of Quest magazine, she put it better than ever I had heard before: “Nothing is “just right” when someone you love is terminally ill.”  You learn to accept the chaos and try to roll with it knowing that it isn’t right & nothing will ever make it feel so.  His advice to her is something I discovered and strive to achieve “He once told me that the secret of happiness is to live like you have cancer, but not actually have cancer.”  If only it were easy to live life like we didn’t have the tomorrows to push off those things we want to do.

Her books also brought truths to light.  Through hard times, I could look to them for inspiration or at least some comfort and a feeling of kinship.  As she wrote in the forward for the Goddess Path, “This book is not the path; it is only a signpost on the road.”  So many times advice on troubles or choices can be found in books for me.  Her texts seem to always have answers I needed to hear as I walk my path.  I feel truly blessed for those signposts accompanying me.

Thankful that they live on even now as she has left.

If ever there is doubt that one life doesn’t effect

others, she is proof to me.  Even though I never met her she has blessed my life many times over and continues to do so.  Every one is connected and we all can impact others.  Who will our ripples into the world touch?

“This is out world, our life, our death.  And divine force resides in all of it, even in what seems monstrous to our eyes.”  ~Patricia Monaghan, from November 1oth in the Goddess Companion


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