Split Personalities

There are as many types of blogs as there are types of blog readers. I’m sure there are countless studies & theories on how to have the perfect blog, but to me it comes down to one thing – expression.

For me, it’s more about getting my thoughts down somewhere. The bonus is that people read it & occasionally I get feedback. Either way it gets it out of my head & makes me feel heard. I’ve never really been a blogger who sees it as a job or with some established set of rules to play by. Keep it MY story rather than some place to dish on others’ lives and keep it honest. Hopefully others who are going through similar places in life can see they aren’t alone.

Still sometimes I do long for the focus. Want to make posts that don’t seem to really go with the others.

Decided that I’m making a few additions. Adding two blogs (or rather reactivating them). I have toyed with them in the past, but didn’t really know where I was going. Planning on keeping this as my main spot. More of my personal life goes here. The celebrations, frustrations and hope. Here I feel free to be me without many barriers or judgments (heck if there are, I don’t feel them). I can speak of my opinions on life, love, religion, etc. Guess in some ways this feels like a few comfortable friends in PJs watching TV & talking about everything in life.

My secondary blog should be more focused on getting thru classes and hopefully one day I will share the process of becoming licensed and employed as a paralegal. May even start the process of walking more and sharing some recipes or items I long for or love.  Should be just me just without the internal pain. That is the goal at this point anyway.


How Did I Get This Far in Life Already?  

Another side I want to get more involved in deals with my adoration of being a girl.  So many decades have been spent with women taking a back seat to men in history when they should have been spotlighted just as much for their skills.  Should have been given the same opportunities but have been denied.  I’m lucky enough to live in a time and place where I do feel equal on most days to men.  Aware that so many are not as lucky.  Aware that even those of us who have the status at times need the reminder to have the confidence and to know that we do deserve it just as much as men do.  This isn’t going to be a place to bash men or in any way belittle what they too have done, but a blog where I can share the triumphs we women have made along the way too.


Beauty, brains, bravery and all while wearing a bra, or not.

 This blog is going to be less about me & more about women from the past, present…. not sure how I would do the future, but maybe!  Could be historical, fictional or modern.  Whatever feminine that inspires me.   Like learning that the term DAME is actually the female equivalent to the Sir of Knighthood.  Just not used as much now days.

It is all just trial.  Who knows where it will go, but I never really saw myself getting this much into being a blogger & yet I adore it.

So if you have a few moments sometime, check them out.  Feel free to send me any feedback you would like to share.  I’m always open to hear from you.


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