Cancer Sucks. Can you help? CPS-3

You know the story you hear about the person who faints at the sight or blood or a needle? I’m that girl.  I literally dropped like a corpse the first time they tried to put contacts in my eyes.

(thought about posting a picture describing my fear of needles, but I couldn’t even look through the pictures to pick one without getting dizzy!)

One of my first doctors away from the pediatrician diagnosed me with white color phobia & helped me try to get thru visits as painlessly as possible and better understand why I dreaded & had panic attacks the minute I stepped into a medical office.  She even helped me when I had to get a shot or have blood work by getting me up on a gurney, feet raised instead of in the chair where I would slouch and get embarrassed when I came back too.  There isn’t much way to explain it.  I know its dumb, but as much as I try to reason with my brain & body – it just happens sometimes.  So I avoid when I can and deal when I can’t avoid.

A little while back, I got an email about a study to understand and prevent cancer.  It would be something long term and would require the volunteers to check in periodically.   At first I thought, forget it.

But then my heart took the reigns and I imagined being able to possibly help someone in the future not get cancer.  Maybe save someone like my mom from the pain she is dealing with.  Stop grandfathers from being taken away much too early.  Maybe even save my own life or a relative not even born yet.  How could I possibly say no?

So I signed up.  Did the online assessment and scheduled my appointment at the Zimmer Cancer Center locally.

Wasn’t so bad.  I did get all swoony and out of it (I won’t say I totally blacked out this time) when they drew the four tubes of blood.  My arm is sore & I feel tired from the panic attack of being there in that environment.  But I know in my own little way, I may be helping.

So do you think you might be open to helping too?  They are enrolling people in the next few days and it only takes a few moments of your time (& of course the blood work…. in full disclosure they also are going to measure your waist, but the lady was super nice about it & promised never to tell anyone. Seriously the volunteers working there are incredibly sweet.)

If you aren’t local to the Wilmington area, see this site to learn more about the study & where you can enroll in CPS-3 to help out too.

The research project is being done by the American Cancer Society & they are hoping to find at least 3,000 people who can commit to being a part of their study for the next 20 to 30 years.  If I can do it, you know you can.

Even got a sticker!


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