Vote, Vote, Vote…. ah Shut Up Already

I know this doesn’t make me the most popular cool kid on the block, but I LOVE the election process.  Maybe that isn’t a surprise really at all.  I spend my days & nights lately studying the constitution, statutes & other laws.  Yes, I know the line, “but it doesn’t even matter. It’s all decided by the electoral college who doesn’t care what you vote for.”  The reality is my vote matters.  At the VERY least, locally!  So every year I go spend a few hours researching candidates and making a cheat sheet so I can rest easy knowing I have made an educated vote that represents my voice.  The one I only have due to a group of men & women who fought hard for me to have.

So thankful for the 19th Amendment & to those who ensured that I have it



I have no faith than this one is going to go smoothly or be uncontested, but I am longing for the day when every other post I see is a rant of someone’s reasons behind why they are voting one way or another.  I long for the day when the signs all come back and the only thing littering the sides of the roads is the occasional tree limb or hubcap.

So here’s to the next 24 hours wrapping up this mess once and for all.

And yes, I can proudly say I voted.


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