My Answers Blowing in the Wind

Read an inspiring post today about noticing the signs in life.  How often do answers come to us and we don’t even pay them any attention?  Too busy trying to figure everything out & stumble right past the solutions right in front of us.  Other times we just are too focused on searching for something different that we think the answer is or wish it was.  Ignoring what is actually there.

We seek and seek to see what we need and hope for but sooner or later reality plops us down on our behinds and makes us see.  Or maybe we can change our reality into what we need most.

Someone told me in a conversation last night that they think I live in a fantasy world where everyone is happy and good.  That I need to wake up to reality.

I get why they made the statement, but part of me inside screamed “WHY? Why would anyone ever want to leave a place where everyone is happy & good?”  There have been plenty of times where I struggled to find the good in people.  Its something that hasn’t exactly come naturally with everything I have been through, but I prefer to see the good.  Maybe there are times where I ignore reality and get hurt, but I can’t live my life on constant alert for the next strike against me.  Hiding away behind walls of protection can be a place of comfort, a lonely stagnant comfort.

As much as I long for signs to help me figure out all the questions, some things just have to be figured out as we go.  Resolve to just be at peace and trust that the universe will unfold as it should.

Like a great storm, you have to wait it out and the only way out is through.

as many years as I have been carving pumpkins (every one since birth) these are the very first to sport the sand beards! Hurricane Sandy had some tricks up her sleeve even here.

What a storm it is too.

Between the combination of the Winter storm & Hurricane Sandy & the Hunter Full Moon – there is something scary brewing on the east coast this Halloween!

Strange to think that the full moon has such an impact & influence on the waves and level of the sea, yet tonight you can not even find it in the sky!  Full or not, it is hiding behind the great swirling clouds that loom.  Hurricanes are always tough, but add in the pulled up sea levels and inexperienced areas being hit & I worry about this one.  Thankfully I spoke with a dear friend & she and her family are doing fine and on high ground.  Hoping everything stays good.  Reports from others scare me more and I have to wonder what will be as the daylight washes out the darkness and we are able to really see what is happened.

Thinking positive and hoping for the best possible outcomes.  Going to be a long night.  For those in the depths of the darkness and those of us who watch from outside wishing we could help.  Looking forward til we can see what is going on and where do we go from here.


luckily I’m not waiting alone

“There is a hurricane a blowing and just by knowing what you know, you have an advantage to the blind morons that surround you everyday.”                       ~Marilyn Manson


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