Oh the world wide web.  Source of laughter in so very many ways!

Today I met with a friend for coffee & catch up since he had come into town to see family.  Had a slight blonde moment when I ended up at the wrong coffee shop.  But after we found each other in the same place at the same time, enjoyed a FANTASTIC cup of Pumpkin Pie Latte!

Same as any other coffee shop, place order,  give name, get coffee.  I had to giggle when I get this after telling her my name “Ali”…

See I also asked her as she was ringing me up (after already writing my name on the cup & passing it to the barista making the coffee) if she had seen the website about misspelling names on coffee cups.  We laughed & mentioned a couple of examples & she mentioned she would have to check it out.

So when I got my cup it struck me as funny she turned “ALI” into the 5 letter “Alley”!  I hadn’t known she had done another version of my name!  While it wasn’t off that much & I don’t get offended when people alter my name (unless its mean-spirited), it just made me laugh.   In my eyes laughter is always a good addition to a morning cup of coffee!


2 thoughts on “AlleyMoonGoddess

  1. Oh too funny! I now have the urge to order a lot of coffee just to see how they spell it each time.

    & I have been a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte snob since most others are not anywhere near as good, but this one at a local place was pretty amazing after all.

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