No zeros. Just Heroes.

Today I got to witness the power and beauty of a community coming together for the simple act of paying respect.

One of our local heros paid the ultimate price for freedoms we don’t even think about as we go about our day to day lives.  His family now has to adjust to knowing that although he just left, and had only been gone 11 days, he will never be coming home.

Today he was laid to rest.

I remember being told stories about Vietnam Veterans who came home to a nation who would rather pretend they didn’t exist.  To harassment and protest rather than celebration and honor.  After going thru hell, many returned to walk into nightmares.  For nothing but following orders and abiding by the oaths to our nation.

Words escape me right now in how to describe how I feel knowing that things have changed so much.  I am proud to be alive today in a community where strangers line the streets for hours just to express their thanks and respect.

Nothing will ever be enough to repay his family for the void they face or to him for all he has given, but I have to think that there is hope.   No doubt we live our lives differently and probably won’t all vote the same come November, but today we all stood silently as one.  Yet today we acknowledge the men & women who are true heroes.

We silently stand as the caisson rolls by, so silent a pin dropping would have been heard.  Could have easily been a family member or friend, but to most he was simply someone who cared enough about us to put his life in danger for our well being – and that was enough.  We stood and watched the fallen hero’s last journey.  Hoping we never needed to do this again.



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