10-11-12 (a Blogiversary)

Today is a very special day around here


Yup its 10/11/12… & this blog turns TWO!

Blogging is such therapy for me.  Creative outlet to express my view of the world.  Love looking back & seeing memories…. not so much all the typos!  You get the idea at least.  No one is perfect, especially when the emotions are flowing.

Another important event is happening today too.  First meeting of the Wilmington Bloggers in a long time.  We are hoping to get back to being active & sharing laughs, tip, support & whatever else we end up doing. Looking forward to enjoying some delicious ice cream & catching up with a few friends tonight.

CHEERS! If I could I would make my favorite tini to share with everyone ( chilled Pomblueberry juice & good vodka….maybe a splash of pineapple juice for good luck – Shaken with ice then strain into cute glass)

Above all I look forward to another year writing down randomness and all things Ali.  You have no idea how much it means to me to share pieces of my world & see that so many people view it daily.  THANK YOU!



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