Strut On In Head Held High

As cliche as it sounds, first dates stink.

Trying to figure out if this is someone you actually want to spend anymore time with while simultaniously trying to be the best you you can be without betraying your true self, is just a lot.

Another potential start where you wonder, could this be the last first?  or just the next one break a heart? or simply a couple of hours with someone I will later forget.  Never quite sure if you are learning more about yourself or the person you are meeting.  Just trying not to make a fool of yourself and become that epic story they tell a million times to their friends about that one time.

Its easy to avoid meeting people but taking the risk takes courage.

Especially if you are someone like me who has a natural ability to get flustered and do dumb stuff.  I’m the queen of the conversations after the fact.  While I hold my own, there are always those things I wish I had thought of saying at the time.  Witty comebacks just a few moments too late.

Last night was no exception.

Simple dinner first meet with someone from online.

Nothing too epic, but a start.  Just have to get my head back in the game.  That and certainly helps as a distraction from all the other things in life I don’t have any power over at the moment.

& yes…. I totally embarrassed myself.

But he wanted to see me again so I guess I didn’t fall too badly on my face.


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