Smoking Candle Wishes

Today is proving to be a challenge and a half.  One of those times where you tell yourself that you know you can get through this, but then stop and ask but to what exactly? Not even going to get into all the pitfalls of the day, but trust there has already been a beach visit to calm the nerves. So in an effort to focus on positivity rather than real life, I decide to grant myself a few wishes (virtually, because today cash is not on my side).

The Wishes…. (warning these are really random)

24. GREAT Panthers tickets to all my friends and fellow Panthers fans for tomorrow’s game! Had hoped to go myself, but it looks like at this point I am going to be watching from the TV at the parents’ place.  Charlotte but not the Stadium.  (PLEASE OH PLEASE let them win!)  While we are at it, lets all go movie montage style to the shop at the stadium & get new shirts & shit to wear while we are there.  Oh yeah… free beer (or whatever you so choose to sip) and cab rides home for all of us!

23.  iPhones.  New ones.  Like iPhone 5 ones FREE without any contracts or other related bullshit stacked on.  Never any hassles or annoyances associated with them beyond having to decide what screen savers you want to look at each day or the cover to fit the mood.  (Sense another nice frustration with the current phone? argh)

22.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes to begin the day, Glittery pink champagne cupcakes for mid afternoon pick me up & champagne toast to end the day (well pregame I guess since the Panthers game is on my birthday!).

21.  Wookie hugs, pug snuggles & parrot kisses for everyone, because there is nothing like them in the world.

20.  Time to lay in the sand and listen to the waves speak their wisdom without thinking about any stress, should be doings, or anything but relaxing.

19.  Comfortable cute shoes – as if they really exists.

18.  Glitter in a dull world.  Seeing the sparkle of light even in the dark corners.  Get distracted by the shiny things.  Glitter doesn’t reflect darkness.  Let your light shine & see the shimmer of all around you.  Never ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

17.  Someone stop the Honey Boo Boo crap on TV.  Not just that poor train wreck of a side show, but end the drama reality TV watch people who are worse off than yourself to make you feel good craze.  I know a lot of my friends & some family love that stuff, but I’m over keeping up with anyone.  Give me fantasy over reality any day!  My life needs to see happy endings & less of these poor examples of what life is like.

16.  True equality for all relationships.  Being in class tonight talking about what happens when people die without a will hammered home the fact that legally all relationships are not respected the same, even if you want to say you give comparable rights.  Domestic partners do not get spousal rights.  Plain and simple. When the shit hits the fan, the relationships are not honored unless there is a legal will and power of attorney saying they have rights.  Sad as it is, we are still fighting for this.   (at the VERY least, I wish my friends & family to have all needed documents in place way before the time of need comes.)

15.  Week in Disney World.  Happiest Place On Earth? Check me in.  I will grab my ears & gladly forget the woes of the world at the gate.  Especially this time of year!

14.  Bonfires on the beach with happy people telling stories of life and laughing hard.

13.  Ability to change one night in everyone’s past in any way they so choose.  How would you use this?  Know the night? So many chances for different outcomes with one simple change.

12.  Postcards from around the world connecting us all.  Adore when my mailbox gets some transcontinental love.  Wish everyone could experience the  great things I have learned & seen via Postcrossing!  I shared it with the Public Speaking class & encouraged them to get connected by giving them a postcard to get them started & the web address to sign up, but wish I could give everyone a free card & get them started.

11.  Debt forgiveness to everyone!  Without any negative impact for any person or company!  (ha ha … hey my wishes, I can bend reality any way I want it)

10.  Return of a few forgotten words.  Love when Pinterest & a few phone aps say they are “FETCHING” photos.  Just sounds so much better than getting.  Double meaning is flattering sometimes.  More positive.  I’m up for losing a few and bringing a few old ones back.  I’d like to retire “coupon” & “bottle of water”.  There is no reason really why these two bother me, but they just sound so weird.

9.  Time in nature each day to relax.  Could be the beach time or just sitting on a porch staring at the stars.  Changes perspectives so much and seems to be such a forgotten thing a lot of days.  So connected to everything electronic and the work to-dos, it takes a back seat.  May the back seat at least always be in a convertible in which you get to just feel the wind in your hair.

8.  All the excitement and energy of turning 21 anytime you need/want it again.  Although it wasn’t my favorite birthday ever, I remember the celebration & fun it was.  Even if I was the one cleaning up after someone else that night! Shockingly it wasn’t my first night drinking.

7.  Passion for something.  I know things that I love and that ignite my soul and even though I know they aren’t for everyone, I hope we all can find the things that make our heart dance and soul swoon.

2 favorites of mine – Marilyn & Nikon

6.  A Life List.  No one should wait for a Bucket List.  Make goals and figure out what you want from life.  I vow to update mine soon.  Also going to knock off a few from my list.

5.  Health free from cancer, diseases and all our bodies’ troubles.  Enough said.

4.  May we all have something each day that makes us look forward to the next day.  Be it an event or a person, we all need something to look forward to.  Thinking its the hardest times in life when we have nothing to focus on moving towards. Without a destination, we can get way off course.

3.  The courage of the first time driving solo!  Got my license at 16 & remember that feeling of being able to take on the world.  May we all have that when we most need it.

2.  HOPE.  May we always have it & never lose it.

1.   Joy in ourselves.  Hoping we can always remember to be proud of ourselves for who we are or know that we are working to change into that which we can be proud of.   So many times we lose sight of the beauty inside.  May we always find it again.

Wishing we all take time to make as many wishes as possible & that they all come true if they are what is best for us.


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