Mid-Life What?

Tomorrow is the last day I have left at this age.

Birthdays are just another turn of the earth & years are simply a rounding of the sun, but they feel like so much more.  Check points on who we are becoming and all that has changed through the year.  Usually I do just fine enjoying the celebrations but this year I’m just not feeling it.  Maybe it is true that after a while you just don’t care anymore.

So many things I thought would be haven’t happened & still curious about when it is you start to feel like an actual adult.  Frankly I don’t feel my age much less the age I am becoming.

With everything going on in my world, I have so much to be grateful for and so many wishes that come true everyday.

Still I long so so much more.

More wishes to make.

More days to celebrate.

Maybe tomorrow will feel better.  Perhaps I will feel more accomplishes & less wishing I had checked a few more things off the life list by now. Less angry about a few “adventures” I’ve had along the way.

Its like in politics.  You stop yearly and ask yourself “Am I better off than I was last year?”  So am I?  or am I exactly where I was?

One thing is for sure, career wise – I know I am certainly feeling the punch in the bank account & less stable, but long term I feel light years ahead of where I was.   So much more of where I should be and excited about where I am going.

Other areas of life? well… maybe I still have some growing to do & wishes to come true.


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