Inside my thoughts on the open road

Add another one to the Hate My Stinking Cellphone file.

Trip yesterday out of town had me left again with a dead cellphone.  The battery wasn’t replaced when the last version of this crappy device was replaced, so I am betting that has something to do with the unpredictability of when it wants to charge in the car or not.  Maybe its the car.  Maybe its the cord.  When left in a large military town without a clue where I am or where it is I need to go to get back home or how to even get back to my friend’s place… maybe I thought about running over the damned thing.

Will power in effect & good luck and sense of direction were by my side.  Made it back home in time to dash straight to have dinner & ice cream with friends.  Phone still in one non-working piece.  Miracles never stop I guess.

On the drive I had plenty of time to think.  Not much else to do on those dull dead roads.

Thoughts like how crazy some people are.  Why there is even a place called Weiner Works in that military town and how much immature fun I could have going thru the drive thru using all the corny jokes the workers have probably already heard a million times.

What it takes to decide you are going to go work at a place called Weiner Works.

Why barns are painted red?

Why cities with paper mills in them have to smell like fart.  Seriously I’ve been to, or thru, two towns and both REEKED.  Trees don’t smell like that.  Paper don’t smell like that.  So who knows what is going on in that place to go from one to the other!

Why does the smell outside, get in the car when you have all windows up?  Why does it stay for so long?

Not all thoughts were so shallow or off the cuff.  Had more time to think about some of the recent law discussions.  Like who is to blame for certain crimes and why we feel the need for so many laws.  For example: You can blame paparazzi a million ways to Friday for intrusively taking pictures, but without a market to sell those shots, they wouldn’t waste 5 minutes taking them.  Do I feel that there should be laws banning people from taking pictures of celebrities?  Nope.  As long as people are willing to buy the magazine, tune into the show or click the link, people will take the pictures.  Law or no law.  If we really believe it is wrong, we won’t be so obessed with it.  We will refrain from the sensationalism and encourage others to question why they are so obessed.

For example, Kate Middleton’s recent topless photos.  Do I know they happened.  Well after turning on the TV last night I do.  They debated the ethics of the photographers, but the whole time the reporters stood in front of the blurred images on the magazine.  I’m not one for watching TMZ like shows, so I changed channels, but not before gazing at the train wreck.  Its human nature I guess.  Could care less about some royal chi chis.  I understand her frustrations.  Yet there is a simple answer here.  Leave your top on.  As a former tanning bed addict (exaggeration, don’t freak), I completely understand that no tan lines are good tan lines.  Also I personally am not comfortable with my nipples beaming to the world to see, so private tanning bed or beach WITH the top ON it is for me.

The other obvious thing here is not to pay any attention to the story.  Yes fully recognize that I just retold it, but not posting pictures or links & hoping that it serves a point rather than just wow factor.  Sex sells.  I get it. But someone has to be the buyer for their to be a sell.  If we are going to blame one, we need to blame all in the system.    OR we need to stop complaining and BE OKAY with it.

I’m not opposed to the female figure or nude pictures.  Honestly the female form is absolutely stunning and one of the wonders of nature.  Personally I like to keep mine on some level of exclusivity, but am perfectly fine with others who CHOOSE to be more public with theirs.

CHOICE to me is the real issue.  Kate evidently didn’t have a choice in the pictures.  She did choose to go topless thinking it was private, but we all make mistakes.  So do we as consumers choose to dine on her mistakes? I hope not.

My HOPE would be that we can encourage each other to make appropriate choices that honor and respect all.  That we wouldn’t NEED laws to control us.  We would control ourselves.

Guess when you come down to it, that is what the law was orginially about.  Enforcing the mass mentality of what is right and wrong.  The problems come when we don’t see what our opinions do to the rights of others to have theirs.  Problems arise when we expect only the lawmakers and police to enforce and adhere to the rules we set in place.  Breeds an “US” and “THEM” conflict.

We need law.  We need people who can rationally enforce the law.  But do we need to push every decision we make into being governed by law?

Sadly if we start giving up our rights to choose or not exercising our own good judgement, it comes down to needing them.

We have to take responsibility of our own actions.

So on that note, as much as I hate my phone I recognize my frustration lies most in my bad choice.  I should have researched more about the model prior to making the committment to it.  Also everyday that I decide to use it, is a day I decide to continue accepting the frustration in my own life.  Its a piece of shit and I know it.  My options are to spend the money and get a new one or deal.  For the time being, I choose to pay my bills and deal.

But dang some days are harder than others!

Today however I CHOOSE to make an easy day.

Just me, my friends and the ocean.



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