Kicking Off a Few Wishes

As I sit snuggling with the pug, listening to the parrots chatter on about whatever it is they are excited about, sipping on the last bit of pumpkin spice coffee… it hits me.  Today some pretty big wishes are scheduled to come true!

A dear friend is scheduled to arrive safely back from his deployment as a Chinook pilot in Afghanistan.  To say there weren’t moments where we both had doubts he would be coming back in one piece would be a lie.  Think about the dangers of flying a large barge thru territories where people are hiding out just watching & waiting to be able to take aim & get the story to brag about.  Imagine the daily sounds of whistling projectiles and alarms knowing that at anytime one may be coming your way.  Not sure there is any way to prepare anyone for spending over a year in a tent in a war zone, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for a homecoming!  He is lucky enough to have a few things planned and at some point we are going to take a day to just relax by the waves and enjoy sipping on booze – two things he dearly missed.  Certainly a great thing to celebrate & thankfully its not something that happens every day.  Also not over looking the relief that comes from being able to finally say none of my family and friends are currently deployed! (Something that will most likely change in the near future, but I will enjoy it while I can.)  Proud that they do what they can when asked and proud that come home safely when the torch is passed.

We are so ready!

Still hitting a bit more personal to me, today marks the start of the 2012 Carolina Panthers season!  NFL starts TODAY!  Ever since the last game ended, I have dreamed of the day when Sundays get their magic back.  Just something so special about Sundays in fall with football.  PANTHERS football.  While I wish I could be in the stands watching live in Tampa, I am grateful that I can watch from the comfort of my house with Baxter – yes we are both in Panthers Jerseys!  So excited to get back to game days & all the excitement of watching the guys do what they do best.  This year promises to be one to remember!

There are many wishes that don’t come true, some we should be grateful for the that fact, but we also need to take a few moments to be grateful for all the little & big things that do come true.  I’m a big fan of making wishes every chance you get.  If you pass up blowing out candles on your birthday, wishing on the first star spotted of the night or on any random eyelash that comes out…. well you aren’t me.  Sure you don’t need reasons to make a wish, but it is so much fun.

For me, I’m ready to celebrate and make a few more wishes!  Like for a great game, no injuries, our first Win & maybe this to wear soon.

Looking forward to an incredible year with lots of great times!  Hopefully at least one game I will be there in the stadium to watch live.  Til then, Baxter & I are READY to support from the coast!



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