the Revolution is coming

September is FLYING right by me! I can’t believe it has already been a week.  So much I feel like has happened since August.  So much left for me to do before the month escapes me.  Lot of deadlines with homework and other “have to-do”s but still finding time to stop and enjoy a few “want to-do”s when I can.  I savor every one of those moments.

Wilmington is affectionately called Hollywood East or Wilmywood and with good reason most years.  One of the reasons I even checked out the school while in high school, was that the Crow had just become one of my favorite films.  Brandon Lee, already deceased at the time, was a HUGE crush for me & my best friend.  She had the idea to check out the university in the town where he died on set.  Perhaps we could walk the same steps he did in his last days while getting our degrees.  Having the beach just a few minutes away from our dorm room all but sealed the deal for us!

Stay in this city more than a few days and you are bound to get bitten by the bug.  Buzz about who is here, who has been here, who may be coming here for what movie is all around from local rumors to confirmed news sources.  Drive the streets most anytime of year and you are likely to see extras or crew parking signs or one of the many trailers for cast, equipment or other necessities of production.  The town ignited back in 1983, when a young gal named Drew Barrymore starred in a production based on a book by Stephen King (Firestarter).  However rarely do we have Premieres.  This just isn’t a red carpet town.

Maybe it is the beach life where start times are negotiable, weather can change any moment or the mix of students, retirees and tourist that doesn’t make it seem like the place to be seen or for big fanfare.  Still we are a proud town of the industry.  Both the University and Community College have film studies programs, talk with more than 5 people and odds are at least one of them has been on a set at some point either as an extra or crew or at least has been somewhere at the same time a celebrity has been there.

Last night this little town showed how into entertainment it is….. in spades!

Few months back the talk of another TV series picked up.  We have had our share of pilots come and go and our tourism industries benefit to this day for being the place where Dawson & pals came of age.  One Tree Hill seemed to take the place of Dawson’s Creek when it stopped production.  Now that One Tree Hill has ended, many wondered would the production stop locally for the small screen or will something else come in?  As of July this year, the new kid is in town!


Hoping it gets to stay for quite a while.

To kick off the series, NBC chose to do a contest to determine which 10 cities would host preview parties.  Sadly the simple math of the more population you have, the more likely you will have more people to vote meant Wilmington lost out to some bigger cities.  Still they decided that since the city has been the place where the episodes are being filmed, they deserved a party too!  Thanks to a Facebook give away, I got word that the event was to be held last night & even got a pass to get in.  Turns out I was far from the only one.  So many people showed up in support that there were more people than seats (like 3 times more!).  Guess they gave away more passes to ensure that there would be a full house & didn’t expect so many people to actually make it, but we did!

I got great seats thanks to a few friends with inside connections (yup they were extras).  Was nice to be treated to free popcorn & a coke as soon as we walked in.  The epitome of a great movie experience in my eyes.  Nothing quite like the combination of popcorn, coke & a movie.  Many childhood memories include those elements.  Even though it wasn’t a movie, being in Thalian Hall with its HUMONOUS big screen up on the stage it felt like movie night.  Something special about being able to watch the show, which is about a world where the power has gone out & stayed out for the last 15 years, in a theater that was around 50 years before it installed electricity.  Added to the thrill of it all.

Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Once Upon A Time & a million other things – seriously he has even been in Sesame Street episodes!), Graham Rogers (Anyone remember the insurance “Can I get a HOT TUB?” commercial) & Daniella Alonso (she was previously filming in Wilmington on One Tree Hill)

Seeing a few of the actors watch along side in the audience was exciting but seeing how down to earth and gracious they were as they answered questions afterward was the icing on the top.  They were literally glowing as they bask in the energy of the night.  I can only imagine what they experienced working so hard on something and then being there while so many viewed their hard work.  Pretty sure one of them visibly blushed when asked for a hug from a fan.  To be there watching as dreams come true was simply magical.  Tales of sleeping for months on a friend’s floor to making the connection from just working on going to auditions to actually working making commercials, paid off as he discovered the limelight of being a star.  While it may have only been viewed in 11 cities (& by others online), clearly fans have blossomed and the actors have become characters who we want to watch.   Did I mention they stayed for BOTH screenings? Yup they had so many people come that they offered a second screening for those with passes that were not able to get in due to the theater being at capacity!

I know in this day of reality is king & everything has to be true down to the last detail, some might not think a story about a world without power (or cellphone & social media) would be something to watch, but I am here to tell you it is!  Give me fantasy any day over reality, but when it comes from the same people who brought us LOST and Supernatural – look out.  It will pack a punch.  Pilots tend to be dull spending a lot of time establishing characters and connections.  Revolution catches you up to speed while capturing your heart and mind.  I won’t give away anything, but I will tell you that you want the leads to make it.  There is a journey, strong characters on a quest.  So much potential for what will happen along the way.  All the while we watch what life could be like if we all were suddenly unplugged.  So many have stepped away from nature, but what would it be like if our survival depended on embracing it?

The whole idea has had me thinking since I learned it was the twist in the show.

I’m starting to look at my house differently, wondering what would be lost and what would be suddenly worthless.  This laptop for one.  All the digital photos I love.  The iPod, phone, air conditioning, ….so much!  Take a few moments to think about it.

What would be lost if it never lit again?

But be sure that before some mysterious event occurs and we all lose our connections, watch the pilot!  Revolution will make its broadcast premiere on Monday, September 17th on NBC at 10 pm (eastern).  Set the DVRs while you still can to catch the entire series.  If you really don’t feel like waiting, check out the full length pilot HERE – & thankfully it is from NBC themselves, not some pirated version from last night.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes us.  So many questions came up (Both times I have seen it).

Feels great to be in place where such exciting things are happening with great people.  I might forget now & then, but when we come together in support we can move mountains…. or at least overwork a popcorn machine & pack a house twice over!  Life is all about enjoying the moments with a smile.  You never know when the opportunities will end.


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