InstaSeptember Me

Confession time.

Instagram is one of those aps that I’m struggling with.  Hear so much about how cool it is and see posts left and right of pictures taken or editted by Instagram, but hadn’t really played around much with it.  Just don’t get it.  I love capturing memories and completely get the use of the convienence of the cellphone to do so, but my camer ap has worked just fine.

Didn’t give it much of a second thought til I had a photographer on the photowalk I went to a while back nearly shame me for not having an account.  We talked about this & that regarding some nearby locations and how beautiful they were. Showed me a couple of her shots on her iPad (was using a camera on the walk, with a kick ass lens set up!) She then asked what name my Instagram account was under? I said I didn’t really have one & that I never really got into it since my phone was extremely limited on space.  The melting of her face was priceless, “Oh.”  Yup the “Oh” you really don’t want.  The “Oh”…you don’t brush your teeth… or shower… or do something most every other human being on the planet does.  Seriously?!? I got dissed over an Instagram account? Suddenly I felt 20 times older and more out of it than this person who was maybe 20 years my senior.  Shrugged it off, but later got to thinking.  Maybe there was more to this program than I had seen.  Certainly captured the hearts of so many who use it frequently.

When I got my replacement phone, I didn’t install Facebook or Twitter on it.  Just used the pre-installed versions that came on the phone – the very limited versions that are driving me absolutely bonkers!  So far I am just checking Facebook a lot less, but I had to cave & install the regular Twitter.

So with the extra room, I decided to give Instagram a shot.

Also have been seeing the PhotoADay post on Twitter & Pinterest and keep thinking how it would be great to get on board.  So kill two birds with one stone?  NO.  No killing birds, that is just barbaric.    But why not give them both a shot?

List for September PhotoADay ideas from FatMumSlim.

First hurtle came when I tried to view Instagram online.  Was not happening.  Can do by phone, but its a no go via their site.  Could change my password a million times, but forget viewing the photo I just sent!  Why? How useful is that? Thankfully it seems to be an issue many deal with through other sites.  It wasn’t just me not getting how to do it, just not what Instagram does.  So in comes a link with INK360 to view the photos in a larger than phone format.

September started with a visit to my parents and a reunion with my beloved Pumpkin Spice latte.  The creme de la creme of coffee experiences in my book!

Day 1 – Me Now (with my first of hopefully many Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season!)

Also convienently the word, FATHER came on a day where I actually was lucky enough to be spending time with mine.  He took me to get my second Pumpkin Spice latte of the season and to enjoy his first.

Day 2 – Father

Today’s term is/was FAR AWAY.  So many ideas popped into my head, but not many that were able to be caught on film, er… digital pic.  Still as I loaded up the car and headed down the highway back to my place, the road felt long and my home felt far away.

Day 3 Far Away

At least it isn’t further away and the road goes both ways, so I can always come back soon, which I am already planning to do.

So on we go into another month and another start.  Maybe there is some value into this, maybe not.  Only time will tell if I get into Instagram, but I do know its a lot of fun thinking about various shots and interpretations.  Who knows what this month will bring.  More memories and more pictures are sure to be along for the ride.



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