One down.

I lay here in a mix of googling randomness online and researching for class (love it when they have you looking for answers online!), and realize I made it through the first week.

All the way into the second one.

I know its just one week, but feels like a month.

Over the past week I feel like I have done more than I have in the past month, so I guess that works.

Still the more I do the more sometimes I feel like the odd (wo)man out.  People never cease to amaze me in the strange things they do.  From random freaky messages from guys would face to face would never have the nerve to say the things they do online to people who come to a college level course then complain about having to do assignments.  Then there is my personal trigger, the people who use the second lane ending sections to try to bypass several cars & expect to be let in.

I’m exhausted.

As much as I enjoy my law classes, I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s public speaking class.  First Speech!  No prep, just pair up & do introductory speech for the other person.  Eek!

He wasn’t kidding when he said that people fear public speaking more than they do anyother fear – even death.  Its number one, …..& I signed up for this!  If this doesn’t prove that I am leaps and bounds beyond my agoraphobia phase, I don’t know what will.  Course it is only a class of around 30 but still its a huge step.

Its one I am taking on my own.

In my own style.

I may not be like everyone else, but I have a hunch you can’t be if you are going to stand out.  Doubt we ever were mean to be.


Stay true to the you within.

Sure you may piss a few people off along the way, but I’m sure its all just part of the game.  We piss off, we get pissed off.  At the end of the day we just have to be ok with what we have done.

And take a little time off to appreciate how far we have come.


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