Get Ready to Swim

For some reason I keep being told how its raining today.

It has been raining all week it seems.  Everyday.  Rain, rain, rain.  Yet people feel the need to point that out. An email, a chat, facebook & twitter post…. so much buzz about the rain.  Even the dating site I am on sent out an email sharing the fact that it’s raining now & that increases the likelihood of people logging in.  So?

Usually I love rainy days, but this is starting to get old.  Baxter looks up at me every time I try to let him out with a pitiful look as if I have the power to make the rain stop but just am not.  Like I am mean.  Some sad pug torture.

The rain is go for my own torture – homework.

Nose to the books.  So much to do.  I made the mistake of making a list as soon as I woke up of all the upcoming homework assignments and when they would be do.  Hoped that it would help me prioritize and schedule it all to be done.  Instead it just added to the feeling of drowning.

But I know I can tread water.

It will get done.

I’m just grateful to have a nice raft to float in while I get through this.  Support and encouragement keep me afloat.  Even when I start to doubt myself, I’m lucky enough to have great people around me cheering me on.  In life and now in this endeavour.

So while I may be going a bit stir crazy and wondering what on earth I have gotten myself into, I know in the end this whole experience is going to lead me to exactly where I am meant to be.

In 3 out of the 5 classes we have had to go around the room in some fashion and introduce ourselves and why we are taking the course.  I have been shocked at some of the things people say.  One was so brazen to actually say they were only taking the class to appease their parents.  They themselves had no idea what they wanted to do but they didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk pushing papers.  All I could think was, then get out of the room and stop wasting their money and our time.  Guess there was a time when I too waded through courses just because they were needed to graduate, but I always found something of value in it and was never so rude as to start the semester off like that.  Not under their breath quietly said it, but when he was called on directly to the teacher said it.  Feel very lucky to be in course that have value and meaning to me.

So let it rain down.  Wash away the dirt and grime from the world and let it be what it is meant to be.  Sparkle on.

As for me…. back to the books!


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