Here We Begin… again

First day!

Of this semester of classes and I am beat.  Thrill of it all and being slightly overwhelmed by all that will be needed of me this fall.

Taking five classes is no joke.  Can’t believe I debated taking six!  Thankfully I didn’t go that route this time.  So far I’ve been to 3 classes and feel like I need to read from now to November to get it all down.  Part is a lot of the legal terminology is still new to me.  Will come in time and I have made flash cards to try to get some of the shorthand memorized, but its slowing me down.

That and I am still questioning the system.

One of the classes brought up ethics and how in this profession as much as you want to be the one who saves the world, sometimes work requires you to put aside your personal beliefs in order to do the tasks asked.  Completely get that, but I know as dedicated as I can be to opinions, it is going to get tough.  Hoping that I can find a way to remember that there are moral ethics and then there are legal ethics.  Have to trust that the right thing will be and do whatever I can to assist the process.  What is it going to be like to have to play Devil’s Advocate?

So many times I do see the black and white in the world in what I think should be but even when I feel black, I’m going to need to be able to see and fight for the white as well.  Should be interesting.

On thing is for sure, this is where I should be.

That and there is going to be a lot of book cracking and page turning at my place from now to winter break.

Certainly not going to be a breeze or something I can just stumble through.  Studying just got serious again.  To which I say – “BRING IT BITCH.  I got this!”

Day one down & looking forward to everything to come.

Well except tomorrow’s class.  Public Speaking is already making me nervous and I haven’t even been to the class yet.  I swear if it wasn’t required there is no way I would be getting up early for that, but just another speed bump.

Nothing I can’t handle.


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