Slightly Pinterested

First several times I went on Pinterest, I admit that I didn’t get it.

Now I dare even guess how many hours I have logged on that site dreaming & laughing.  Like most pinners, I look and for a lot of things I know I will never do it.  Just like having the link in case I need ideas.  Plus the quotes and pictures on there are inspiring.  Yet part of me loves a good craft session.

On a recent visit with family, I was inspired to actually try one of the recipes I pinned after seeing it from someone else.  When I pinned it, I laughed & thought that no one would ever make it…. but I did.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

That is a pie with a cookie in it with cake & icing on top.  Absolute insanity.  No clue who came up with this idea but guessing they aren’t a supermodel.  Don’t count the calories but its delicious!

we did the chocolate chip cookie & chocolate cake version

We couldn’t quite settle on a name for it (Pake – like on Drop Dead Diva or maybe Pakie to add the cookie part in there… or just ridiculous since it is) but we all agreed it was decadent.  Perfect to share with a big group but woe be the woman who tries this living alone.  So grateful that it wasn’t at my house or I probably would have gained 15 pounds!  The recipe makes TWO!

Its not hard.  Mix up cake mix.  Mix up cookie mix.  Line the deep dish pie shells with the cookie dough then pour in the cake mix.  Bake.  Let cool.  Top with icing and share.  Then sit around the table talking about how fat this is making you but that you can’t stop eating it since it taste so good.  Followed by a lively discussion of the various combinations of cookies & cakes that could go together nicely.  Already have plans to make another couple for special occassions coming up.  Counting this one as a keeper.

Today I ended up trying another idea from Pintrest  – the bleached tee design.

Stumbled up the first time using a bleach pen that wasn’t actually bleach.  (HINT: Make sure you use the one “for whites” – evidently there are two & it does make a difference!)

Second try was better but slightly off center.  For a $2.50 tee, I really don’t care.  Ended up thinking up a billion different designs I wanted to do, but stopped myself after sacrificing two shirts & an old tank top.

Maybe it is the new moon’s creative energy or maybe I was inspired by catching up on one of my favorite blogs, Pintester – either way I had a blast & can now say that yes I have actually tried something from there.  Luckily they worked!  (which can’t be said for most of Pintester’s experiments!)


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