Not Happily Ever After…yet.


Some come shocking.  Some we welcome with open arms.  Others we see coming a mile away and try to ignore.  No matter in what way, they aren’t avoidable.  Sooner or later everything ends.  The best we can hope for is acceptance, great memories & hopefully no scars to remind us of the difficult moments.  We struggle to use the time we have to ensure we don’t find ourselves with regret when the end makes its appearance.

The light is nothing without the dark and so are endings, pointless without  beginnings.   The sun may go down, but when it does the moon rises.  It’s all in the way we choose to view what happens.

Endings got a bad wrap.  We mourn losses and wonder what we could have done differently to delay or prevent the pain, but its all been said and done with no way back to undo.   We struggle with the ending of a season forgetting that there is always one that is starting with is celebrations and signature joys.  The last chapter of a book we long for the climax but know that afterwards we shut the cover and move back into reality.  But it’s after the final page is turned that we open ourselves up for the next adventure.

So on that note, I find its time to sage the heart again and get back to me.  Let go of the stresses of what didn’t work and moving on to dealing with the things that I’ve neglected.  Reconnect with my own heart and soul.

Remind myself that just like the saying says “it will all be ok in the end.  if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”  At least I hope that is truth.  I’m putting my faith that what is to be, will be.  There is something great just on the other side of the sunrise.


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