Sweet Surrender

For a day that started much too early with nature’s alarm (thunder) blasting just outside my window, I lay down now with a smile on my face again.

Kure Beach NC July 29th 2012

this one is by crab! Caught lightening off shore. I’m jealous.

The rain was loud, but the thunder here & there made it impossible to crawl back into a dream.  So awake I was.  Caught up on a few friends & got caught more than I would have liked to be in the great chicken debate of 2012.

After being in different towns & tied up with our own To-Dos for the past 3 days, I finally got to see crab again.  I missed him.  He seemed like the guy I met on that first day.  Flirty, cute, kind, opinionated but respectful.  I melted.  We ate, we talked, we shopped and then went to relax at home.

There came the biggest surprise.

Meditation time!

He is working on a couple of laptops & probably well aware that would amount to me being bored lying around wondering what we could do.  Preemptive strike’s save lives!  He hooked up an iPod that had relaxation sounds & went through the choices to see which would be the best.  The windows shut up with the blackout curtains, just the mellow glow from the screens.

I dropped back and stretched…..and stretched…. and stretched …then I just breathed.  Words would come, more ideas to add to the do list, things to say, ….all thoughts just pushed away.  no words.  no thoughts.  Just the time, space & calming sounds pacing my breathing into a slower, longer, deeper place.   Bliss.

For a while I had no desire to do anything.  Naturally buzzed.

Soon the energy returned with inspiration to do more.  So I went home to work on a couple of projects.  One I hope to share every soon!

Hoping now I’m on to some Sweet Dreams and deep sleep.


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