Check In

Just wishing I could express all my thoughts, ideas & emotions here lately but I’m stuck in another case of not entirely my story to tell.

Hopefully all will improve & no more confusion (or vague post) 

Feeling like a balloon right now… should be happy & enjoying being where I am but the fear that I will pop has me completely on edge.

My head is trying to sort out my instinct from my fear & my desire. Trusting instinct is vital.  Trying to trust fear is setting yourself up for trouble. Trusting your desires is tricky. Sometimes they can push you thru to where you can make the dream come true but othertimes they blind you to what the situation really is.

Right now I just have to find me. Somehow along the way fear has done a dozey & Ive run scared. Stored some of me for later. See what still works & hope that the reconnecting brings out my best.

Which means we all get to live happily ever after – whatever that may be.

For now I start with a dream. Hopefully not one I wake terrified from.

Tomorrow its time to go try to reconnect with family.

Classes are over & nothing campus related until Fall Semester (August 20). Freedom!


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