Step One: Admission

Hi.  My name is Ali & I am a clothes hoarder.

What the heck? How does one person accumulate so much!  Spent part of the day today pulling out all my clothes to sort thru what I actually wear & what I no longer need.  So far I am SHOCKED.  Who knew all that stuff could be crammed into that space!?

I honestly had no idea how many jeans I actually owned (counting denim bottoms – long, shorts, capris).  There is no way anyone needs that many pairs of anything.  FOUR sizes were in that pile!  Some were comfy with the ass ripped.  Some were weird lengths, I’m short so long legs tend to pool at my ankles if I’m not careful.  For some reason I kept these things.

Hard to let go of a few things, but others it feel liberating.  I’m sure some of the things will go to someone else who can use them more than I.  Plus it just feels great to unload those “work” shirts and the memories that go with it.

For years I have been dreaming of remodeling my bedroom & the storage in it.  Even when I was younger I don’t remember ever having the most organized system of stashing the clothes.  Admittedly I need help here.  Confessing & recognizing is the first step right?  I have no idea how I ever made it through a semester in a dorm room with just a dresser & half a closet.

Why is it we can have so much yet feel like we have nothing to ever wear when we have to rush to get ready to go out.

Also got me thinking.

What is the average?

How many pairs or jeans SHOULD a person own?  number of towels? bras? shirts?  I know I have more than most, but what is most?

Someone was not very supportive in this process!


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