Simple Knock At A Door

Yesterday started out with determination & high hopes.

Then I laid in bed getting ideas of how to do this or that & debating the best ways to do them.  Searching for new ways to pay for projects…. & suddenly realized some of the ideas were not realistic due to the oppressive heat that had decided to have an extended vacation in my area.

seriously… for all those who LOVE summer… no. it is too hot. Spring & Fall have it beat hands down. Still warm but not all sweaty, heat stoke season.

Got dishes & laundry going, but otherwise I just started to lose motivation to even do much else other than throw a pity party.  Didn’t think it was a great idea to start working out on the treadmill again since the sprain is still giving me crap and making it painful to walk much.  Walking is ok, but it is so hot outside.  Guess the plus side is I would be able to walk out of my neighborhood, take a short cut through the neighborhood & then sprint back through my neighborhood.  With all the heat, I would look like I ran a marathon walking one block.  Hot & Sticky!  So I got down.  Seems like the times I get all gun -ho new fitness challenge, I am road blocked.  Also got me thinking how pissed off really am still that my finger can’t function normally.  Lately I have been really wanting to stretch deeply and do head stands and yoga sun salutations.  BUT the range of the finger doesn’t allow me to be able to support my weight as I should.  It’s a huge challenge &….. all in all I just got mad at my body, mad at the fact that I can’t change it.  Mad that life is the way it is.

Then the power surge.

Wish right now I would be pumping you up for some explanation on how I found the power inside to ignite the surge into making it happen or make sense, but that’s not the case.  I literally mean a power surge.  In my house.

We have been hit with record high temperatures lately that make it miserable to be outside much.  Not the time for no power!  Luckily the power came back on quick enough.  The Air Conditioning unit… not so fast.  Still unclear why it stayed off for a while but it had me starting to panic.  Where would I get the cash to fix that? Where would I find the money to pay for a cooled hotel with Baxter (pugs & heat can be a fatal mix).  The spiral started.  Just everything that I fear or doubt right now rushed in for a few kicks while I was down.

Top it off with a call with the parents.  Medical problems & wishing I could some how make things better or at least the way before.  Conversations that are hard to hear.  Learning my sister is literally saving lives.  (She came upon a accident where a guy on a motorcycle hit a deer and flew about 9 feet in the air before hitting the record high temp pavement – not good situation.  She was able to keep him alive long enough to transfer to the helicopter to be airlifted, which is more than any of the other standing around in shock could manage to do. – I am proud to be sister to a super hero!)  Just lots of family stuff & missing them.

Then came the knock.  The dreaded rapping on the front door that could mean neighbors with issues I don’t want to have to deal with, guys trying to sell something like steaks out the back of their truck that I don’t want, someone with a religion they assume must be new and needing to be shared door to door…. nope.  Instead it was the best face a gal could see.  The guy ready to help out anyway possible.

Thankfully the AC had restarted & temperatures were starting to drop again.  So distraction time.  Get out of the house & out of the funk.  Off to see a movie – Brave in fact.  Another case of perfect timing.  Dinner & conversation and life seemed to be back on track.  Just another example of perspective.

Which brings me to the idea of the morning…. need to find the pug some pajamas.

Something about the rearview to wake up to that just isn’t a great way to start the day… but on the positive side, there is nothing like snuggles to make a gal feel adored first thing!


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