Lessons from July (so far)

Life is all about learning what we can while we can.

So far lately I have learned that ….

The triple blade razor with the moisture gel strips ARE worth the extra money & I will never make it as a fuzzy friend.  Forgot how annoying shaving with a single blade was even if they are cheap.

Learning to french braid your own hair is best done in your childhood where not so perfect attempts are viewed as just life instead of a sign you are out of your head & probably have 20 cats in your apartment!  (I will get this!)

the first attempt wasn’t as horrible as it could have been

Kittens are living life to the absolute fullest.  They sleep, they eat, they release what is no longer needed (even if it does smell up the place), anything & everything is an interactive toy & they accept petting from their owners simply because it feels great even if they aren’t if they would rather be doing something else.

A 3 hour commute is not my friend – although seeing my family and taking my exam both needed to happen & it was unavoidable.  Thankfully gas prices aren’t as high as they have been & the food was mostly free.

Family time equates to food time.  If I spend anymore time with anyone else’s family I may explode.  As much as I adore the good food, my body may need a break.  Master cleanse? Cereal meals? or just lots of sweet tea & vitamins.  Or perhaps a more adult approach – work out more and practice some sense & self restraint.

I am a perfectionist.  As much as I know it is about as possible as becoming a unicorn that farts glitter & poops rainbows on my 35 birthday, I still want it.  So much so that more often than not I would rather not even attempt something unless I know I have a shot at doing it amazingly (in my eyes).  I recognize that its the number one thing holding me back, but how to move past it?  How to let good enough be enough.

Sometimes I think it can be a great thing.  Skip wasting energy on those things that won’t be.  Others it is crippling.  Still they say admission is the first step.  So now on to acceptance.  Nothing will ever be perfect, but hopefully today it will be enough.

but single blade, will never ever be enough.  I’m just spoiled like that.


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