Comfort of a Coffeehouse

There is just something about the coziness. The smell of the beans brewing.  The buzz of the bustle as people move in and about getting their fix of decadent delight. Be it cold or hot. Be it venti or grande. Flavored or straight black.

Today I needed this. I needed this couch with its curvy cushions. The melodic sound of the espresso machines performing their magic. Even in a strange city it brings a familiarity and peace.

The people can shuffle by off to save lives and stress out about their own developing dramas, but on my brown couch with my caramel mochiato I’m doing just fine. Worries stay outside the doorway for others to deal with.  Right now in this lil bubble protecting me with chocolate & coffee all is ok.

Feeling so blessed in so many ways.  Hoping I never stop appreciating everything I have & more importantly the exceptional people.  I am one lucky girl indeed.


One thought on “Comfort of a Coffeehouse

  1. You described that all so well that I wish I drank coffee, or even liked the smell of it! Sounds ever so relaxing. I love moments like that, moments where time stops and you get that wonderful feeling all though your body making you feel like everything is okay.

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