Keeping myself on my toes

Unusual day.

Last night I came home before midnight knowing today I would be starting the day early compared to recent days. I got to work a catering shift for a post wedding brunch. Excited.

I gathered my clothes in hopes to make the morning go as smooth as possible. …to which I made a discovery that changed the plans completely.

We usually wear button up shirts with a tank top.underneath then change into the company coats before guests arrive. With the blazing heat, the coats just were too hot to work in. So the decision was made to switch to white tees with the company logo on an apron we would wear on to top. Much easier to work with.

Or so I thought. Recently I went thru some of my clothes & donated a large trash bag of things I thought I never wear. Started out debating every piece but after a while I just went with instinct knowing I needed to make room. Giving an option I would just keep everythink…in case. Clothes are a down fall. One I’m working on overcoming. Just too many options for different situations. Save my old work clothes just in case or toss them because I only owned them to fit a dress code not that I liked them? Hang on to the baggy jeans that were a size ago in case I gain weight? Maybe I should toss the too snug ones I dream of getting back into again. Still I just tossed as much as I could bare to let go of.  Hopefully they will be just perfect for someone else to actually wear instead of hanging around my place blocking up space on the off chance I may love them or need them again. By the end of the day they bag was loaded & without daring to take a second look, off I was to hand off the bag to the drop off volunteer at a local Goodwill.  Felt good.

Funny thing ….I usually don’t wear white tees. Ever. But everyone has a few right. I remembered seeing a couple. For the life of me I couldn’t find a single one in my house! I found thick long sleeved ones.  Tank tops & ones with beer bottles & other cheesy humorous fluff …but no PLAIN white tees! Then it hit me.  I never wore them.

They must have made it into the bag.

So at 1:30 am, I made a plan.  If I got up by 7:30 am I may have enough time to shower, dress & get breakfast in time to go out to the beach house where the brunch was by 9.  Sounds easy if I had my shirt!  So early bird shopping on the way cleared the problem up with a new shirt less than $10 that also wicks away the moisture – I thinkthat is fancy words for you wont feel your sweat so much.

Cruised by the spot with 15 minutes to spare & decided to pull a classic move everyone living at the beach knows…change in the car discreetly. Just my shirt at least pants were good thankfully.  Location is everything. Found my spot. No one around be van covering from.any new traffic…I can do this so simply.  So I untagged the new shirt & started to unbutton my current shirt. Just as I was slipping my shirt off (tank top & bra beneath, I noticed a guy who walked up looking a bit surprised. He was unlocking his trunk to his van but being a kind gentleman had to stop to make sure I safely could execute the trick of losing my shirt. Surely just a good samatrian rather than sleezey gross guy. But the…. here came the tribe, er I mean family. Ok just surround myself with a big protective ball of comfort & grace. So I acted like everyone did change clothes in there car & just mustered up confendence to do it. Lookers or without.

Had to admit the new shirt felt great.  Drove over to the brunch site to begin setting up. At one point I lost my balance whiles taking a step I thought would be concrete but discovered it dropped off to sand…which sent me & the 2 crates of dishes I was carrying on a crash course into the stairs. My head hit slam on the post. Saved me from falling into the dishes & getting hurt & ruining the party. Assessed the scene & everything was ok. Head was scratched but not slammed wide open like it felt. Although a bruise looks to me my fate. To add to the ones one my arm. Foot felt ok. Just embarrassed mostly. On with the show.

After the brunch rushed home to load the car to trek to the parents place. Their forty years of marriage is reason to celebrate. Family drove up from South Florida others came from the mountains. No big formal party but time spent hanging out catching up on life, perfect for my parents. Even got to me a couple of new additions to the crew – dachshund sitters Chili & Pepper make the house total: 1 pug, 3 dachshunds & two gianto dog beast (boxer/great Danes). Interesting.

Tomorrow should be more fun. Unless I end up checking out s doctors office about this ankle that doesn’t seem to want to just heal. Swollen just isn’t pretty. Nor does it make me feel like letting pain keep me from making memories with the people I can count on most.

Time is all we have. Cant let anything hold you back. That & be hopeful tomorrow is better than today & today be greater than yesterday. And keep moving forward.

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