Sands Shifting Through the Hourglass

I swear there have been so many times lately I have thought… I need to blog about this or that memory.  Yet I haven’t stopped to do so.  Life is just trucking along so fast.  Between school, family & adventures with the crab I haven’t slowed down enough to post.

With the weather being beautiful my thoughts turn to the sound of waves and the experience of sand beneath my feet.  A photo session in the garden trumps vegging out in front of the Tv.  Still taking time to study & keep up with school but otherwise I just enjoy the moment. (guess who aced her exams – with a perfect score in Family Law?!?!)  Some things slip through the cracks but its worth it.  I went to make a PB & J today & discovered the bread was a nice shade of green – YUCK!  Feel like I just bought it, but nope.  Time just moves too fast.  I need more than 24 hours in a day.  So much more to do now that I have more time.  Yes I even realize that this month the 10th slipped by without much notice. Even with limited resources, there is just too much to do.

Life is just too short to put things off.  Too much to enjoy.

One thing the crab has inspired me to do is be more spontaneous.  Not that I wasn’t before, but there were times I wasn’t as brave as I could have been or thought why bother? Well – because why not?

Collecting memories like we collect sharks teeth and shells.

Even on the longest day of the year, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Alas I guess that’s why we have to hope that tomorrow comes.  So far so good.

Which reminds me tomorrow is the day to meet crab’s family.  Nervous? course.  But be what may its all part of the adventure.


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