Highs & Lows

The last 48 hours feel like a blur.

Siri still seems nicer than the people I have gotten “assistance” from. Lots of people available, but none with any sense of ability to do more than read off a screen.

Somehow I ended up dealing with trying to figure out how to get a phone that will work for me.  The one I have is AWFUL!  (Verizon should NOT be selling the LG Vortex – no memory & comes loaded with a TON of programs that you can not move to a SD card or delete causing it to be “low on space” EVERY time you do a suggested update or do anything like text, take pictures, etc).  Thankfully I had support by my side reminding me I am not nuts.  Four locations (1st didn’t have anyone there to authorize the activation, 2nd verizon location didn’t have the same deal, 3rd stop no phone in stock & 4th place after waiting FOREVER to get the person who “could do the activation, but it wasn’t her job really” to help, was told that I could not in fact upgrade the phone!  So basically a phone that is available for a NEW customer for $89 (& then you get a $100 gift card) for me a long time CURRENT customer would be around $700!  Um… no thanks.  Especially if I find out its another terrible phone in the long run.

I give up.  For now.  I will spread the word & share the “customer service” I have received in store & then in the phone call that lasted several hours in speaking with several reps who all were completely robotic and didn’t listen to what we were saying at all.  (was also willing to add a line in addition to extending the contract another 2 years – not anymore!)  The additional line would have added $2500 revenue and extended my contract adding even more money they would be getting from me…. but clearly the $89 is much more important.  I was told I could pay the $260 early termination fee, then go sign up as a new customer or that I could go try to find one on eBay if I didn’t have the money to pay FULL price for the phones.  The point isn’t if the money is available or not.  Why shaft the long time customer who has been happy?  Over a bad phone.  They did offer to trouble shoot (already been done) & replace the phone with the exact same model (still same issues, but I guess the scratch free new one would be a step slightly up cosmetically).  Can’t us the same amount that would be spent on the replacement phone to apply to a new better one.  The stories shared by the customer service phone reps were HILARIOUS if I hadn’t been so pissed.  One explained that she had the phone for a little while & loved it.  ….HAD the phone, meaning she no longer has it.  When I questioned this, she said well most people do upgrade after a while.  She evidently didn’t LOVE it & betcha she didn’t pay full price on that new better phone!  Another told me that by adding a line I could get the razr, then give the person using the other line the Vortex.  So I can stating the phone isn’t doing what we need it to & you tell me to screw over my family memeber?  no.  I am not that girl.  We both deserve phones that WORK since we are stuck in the contract!

Withing moments of discovering the great deal on the Razr phone, I was so excited to be getting a decent phone.  Also my heart warmed when the crab who always brings a smile showed me a purple, sparkly heart cover that was cheap & would make it a purple phone – he gets me!  So sweet.   I got my hopes up.

Just sucks to see SO MANY great phones in use in public, maybe too much use, but still.  Case in point – while walking through a park in downtown Raleigh tonight to get to dinner, we were stopped by a couple who didn’t seem to have much & the female was clearly pregnant.  He begged for $2 or any cash to help feed his baby’s momma.  Knight in Shorts & Sandals (code name KISS?) crab handled it smoothly letting them know we only use debit case & don’t care cash.  Still as sad a situation as that was or may be…. I didn’t feel the urge to help.  I didn’t feel the gratitude of knowing I have not and am not in that situation.  Instead of the typical reactions, I just got annoyed & angry.  BOTH had iPhones they were on while begging.  Another guy we passed who looked very homeless & like showers were only a childhood memory was playing with his iPad!

Envy isn’t a good thing.  But I am so sick of playing by rules watching so many others buck the system.  I have my small rebellions, but I have yet to steal a phone or close an account just to change it to get the cheaper phone & rate.  Its not me.  On days like the past 2, I have to wonder why?  why does it seem that others find a way, while I can’t?

Danged morals. honestly & ethics.

& thankfully I had another great adventure with Knight in Shorts & Sandals (KISS may stick after all!) crab. More on that later.


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