Full Moon, Start of a new week & potentially start of a few more new pieces to my puzzled life. One being I am back on insurance again – finally! A couple more things in the works that I hope to share soon. As much as I would like to lay back and just enjoy life as it comes, there is more work to be done.

Like this homework I have basically been staring at for about an hour. The case seems easy enough to understand, but applying to the questions is driving me nuts. Growth I guess. If it were easy, I wouldn’t exactly be learning anything new.

Probably should have worked on it yesterday, but there was too much to take in and enjoy. Visited Airlie Gardens and explored a world full of more history and beauty than I could have imagined. Why have I lived here so long and only been there for work or weddings? Never to just relax and see it all. Went at night for a holiday event, but its different by day. One of those places where you could probably go 20 days in a row & still see something new each day. A place where you just want to kick off your shoes and wander barefoot knowing you are connected to it all.

Today brings the full moon.

One of my favorite sights. How can you see the full moon in the sky & not pause in awe?

With it I am going to strive to enjoy each moment to the fullest until the next full moon & beyond. Maybe its time to shake things up. Move around more. Starting with this house. Hopefully by the next full moon it will look different.

That is my full moon wish this month – to change my home for the better.

Starting with another purge

First 10 things down, then 90 more to go. Look out donate bin, I have some clothes coming your way!

Game on!


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