Bring me her HEART

How is it already June 1st?  Hurricane season  officially begins although someone forgot to tell those 2 storms that have already blown through the area.  Guess 2012 is going to be a wild ride.

Check in for the latest challenge:

  • Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes – hm… I was doing great but lately its less formal exercise, more just wandering around & other exercise as it comes up.  Playing in life.  Which is great.
  • Keep waking up by 9:00 am for at least 5 days per week – freely admit this goal has been tossed by the wayside for the most part. No alarms set & late nights have been awakening more like after 10 am than before 9 am.
  • STUDY!  – classes underway & so far I’m amazed by everything.  Loving it almost every step of the way.  The hypothetical documents drawn up are hard.  I get lost in the details of this doomed couple & having never done this before, its a challenge, but I guess that is what school is for – to challenge and grow.
  • Improve typing speed – blah. Testing my speed today & it was at 46 WPM, which is MUCH less than it was before.  Time to practice.
  • Live on $100 a week – having someone supportive of this is everything.  Its been interesting coming up with free/really cheap dates.

So far I am pleasantly surprised by what June has to offer.  Looking forward to the coming days.

Spent the day with the guy strolling & talking after going to a matinee showing of Snow White & the Huntsman.  LOVED the film.  Sure its not the greatest ever made & there are mistakes & ways that some feel it could have been cast differently, but I love it.  Great glimpse into a fantasy world and break from reality.  Not that I am going to complain about reality.  Life isn’t so bad.  There will always be ways to improve, but attitude, faith & hope get you through so much.  Suprises that make you stop, smile & do things you may otherwise never thought to do.

Fingers crossed that I will have some great news to share soon.


2 thoughts on “Bring me her HEART

  1. Glad I didn’t give anything away. There are a couple of moments that just had me ready to step into the screen & never return. Breath taking. No matter when you go, you should see it. Even works as a great alone movie. Especially if your date like mine over analyzes the technical aspects of the filming & casting. I love the ability to see the details & potential of stuff, but really prefer just to get engrossed in the story.

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