Stargazing on the Shore

 Incredible weekend watching the stars, the waves and discovering new places.

All in all the experiences seem slightly unreal and if someone had bet me a million bucks a week and a half ago that I would be thinking & feeling the way I do right now, I would still be one broke chica.  Guess that is one of the great beauties in life, sometimes it gives you what you may need most & expect the least.  Revisiting past waters you never thought you would tread again and finding that this time around you just may find the drive to hold your head high and keep going to see how the story ends.  I may get sharked, may drown or perhaps even rescued.  Either way the sun’s reflection on the water is memerizing and all to be savored at the moment.

Found more sharks teeth, great conversations, captured several sights through the lens and made a few wishes.  No less than 3 shooting stars made their appearance, 2 by the Cape Fear River on Saturday night and then another last night as we stargazed over the Atlantic crashing into the sands shores.

 As if I needed a sign that yes this is ok to make the wish on.

Just feeling incredibly lucky at this moment to be in the right place at the right time with open eyes to see the open hand.


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