Carolina Girl?

Best in the world? After last night’s disappointment, that is debatable.  Sure some of us are, but honestly I am not proud of my state.  Stereotypes sometimes come from truth.  I have long been aware of the manipulative and judgmental minds that populate the area.  People can smile in your face, then pop burning crosses on your lawn – or in my case, notes in my locker.  Too many times I have heard that someone “has friends that are ________” but that they don’t approve of that lifestyle.  Many times this statement comes following up some joke that doesn’t paint a positive light on the group that differs from them.  Some friend.  Personally I don’t see someone living a life they find true, as a threat to my life.  I’m comfortable in where I am and encourage my friends and family to follow the paths they are lead to.  As long as no one else is hurt, so be it.

I voted.  I get to bitch.

I will gladly voice my opinion and being the internet, no one is forced to read the statuses or posts.  To do so indicates an interest.  In which case don’t complain about me having an opinion.  So it differs from yours.  That my dear is life.  Get used to it.  Especially if you are going to be set on everyone being as you are.  Frankly that just isn’t the way any god intended this world to be.

My heart breaks knowing that we continue to be a state that demeans and suppresses our own people.  I know the amendment if voted down, would not allow gay marriages to take place or in any way grant any additional benefits to anyone.  Still it feels a bit like kicking sand in the face of the kid that has been pushed down.  Just an unnecessary sucker punch.

Being a bully is not something to take pride in.

I admire people for having a strong faith in what they believe, but when it intrudes into the rights of others I have no tolerance for it.

Hoping this is just the event that is a catalyst to change.  The spark to light the explosion that takes down the walls.

Thoughts are with all those impacted by the ruling, homosexual, heterosexual or those who aren’t even sure.  One day we will all have the same rights.  They aren’t theirs to take.  Soon everyone will see that.


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