I was sitting, waiting, wishing

… love Jack Johnson. But I do not love waiting.

Even though I know I am taking huge steps toward my future, I still feel a bit like I am on a treadmill.  Everything is on pause.

Waiting to hear if I got into the summer session of classes or if I will have to wait til the fall.  Waiting to hear more about financial aid options.  Waiting to figure out how many classes I will need to take – waiting on transcripts to be received.  Waiting to hear what courses from undergrad will count towards this to see if I can for go a couple of courses.

And waiting to figure out what my schedule will be in order to be able  to tell what hours I can work!

Just a LOT of waiting around.

Hopefully patience will pay off.

I know tomorrow one wait will be over FINALLY.  The new laptop should be arriving by 3 pm tomorrow.  Completely cause for celebration.  Back to normal again.  No waiting for updates on the iPod.  No waiting to transfer photos from the camera.  No more waiting to figure out the account balances by having to wait for transactions to clear online.  Yes I am addicted to quite a few things, like Quicken, Photoshop and iTunes.

Keep reminding myself it will all work out soon as long as I do what I can then sit tight and keep wishing.


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