So this is daybreak

I’m not a morning person.

On any given day, I am the one who can sleep in the morning as long as possible & then be the zombie that shouldn’t be spoken to til after 10 am if its important.  Caffeine is not optional.  So why at just after 6 am did I suddenly fine myself wide awake? perhaps it had something to do with not taking the ambien last night, but I have a hunch its a bit different – for the first time in a long time I am truly inspired.  Ecstatic to chase a new day from beginning to end.  See how much I can pack into it.

Recently I realized that the things that I have loved in most jobs I have had & the conversations that really ignite me are the rules, the justification behind those rules & defining or in some causes redefining them.

One of the main things that attracted me to the Human Resources field is that sense of order that policies bring.  I believe all people have the right to do things the way they feel best, but as society or organization, we need to define those boundaries to some extent.   Give someone a goal & the rules of the game then let them go.  You may just be inspired by what you see!  The communication and negotiation of expectations is vital to group harmony.  As is ability to recognize differences & the value they bring to the common good.

So why didn’t I make the connection before?  Guess it wasn’t time.

My Dad asked me this week if I had thought about going back to school to get specialized training.  My initial thought was forget that! I was lucky to make it out once!  All the tests, homework & deadlines…. and last time I checked it took money not brought it in.  I was trying to make ends meet easier not drag them further apart.  But hours after hanging up the phone, I had a realization that maybe Dad was on to something.

Daily seeing resumes come in with various specialized training for positions that just were not available may have me a bit jaded when it comes to technical training programs.  Some schools are in the business of selling their services and in this time of higher unemployment, it can be an easy sell.  Without jobs to enter into to use that training though what good does it do?

There is value in being the master of one, rather than the Jack (or Jill) of all trades.  Especially when you are fueled by passion rather than just wanting to cash in the paycheck at the end of the day.

So today I begin my journey to chase a dream.  Today I look for scholarships, grants or potentially my first student loan ever.  Why? Because I am fueled up & on a mission.  I know now where I am meant to be.  I also know that before now, I wasn’t ready.  Maturity and all the experiences before needed to come before, but now I need to find my way in.  Make it happen.


First steps find the funding & the training.  Ideas are in place and contacts for advice and information has been made.  Transcripts ordered and admission application submitted.

And there isn’t an inkling of doubt in my heart that this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing right now.  For once in my life I can truly say – there is no fear, only trust.  I will find the path as long as I open up to it & take steps forward, even when those steps are scary.

So today I begin.  I am committed (perhaps should be committed may be what some are thinking) and I am dedicating myself.

Broken free from all restraints holding me back I dive.



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