Smoke Signal

Tonight I feel incredibly lucky.

I haven’t won the lottery, escaped from a near death experience, met my soul mate or even found a penny on the ground, yet I still feel a huge sense of gratitude.

What started as a day wishing I had just a few more hour to sleep this morning, has me back in bed watching some of the events of the day on the news.  Wondering what tomorrow will bring.

While wrapping up the day at work, I started to notice the sky change.  After looking through the windows at the back of the office, it was clear this wasn’t a weather related change.  There was a fire close by.  At that point we had no idea how close or how big the fire was.  Went about the typical Monday night task for now – home, let the dog out, change clothes & rush to pole class.  Only even at my house, the smoke filled the air.  Crazy how far it travels so quickly.  Even across the county at the studio, the smoke smelled.  Returning home was even worse.  The strong ashe scent in the air is enough to make you literally feel sick.

After class we figured out how huge the fire had gotten.  Last time I looked they said over 50 acres were effect & that the smoke will fill the area for anywhere from several days to several weeks as the now controlled fire burns out & smolders.

I am amazed at how quickly the threat has been controlled and how in control the fire fighters, forestry team and local law enforcement are.  They have kept things from getting and being much worse.  So easily this could have been tragic but thankfully I haven’t hear of anyone hurt & minimal damages.

Also really appreciating my ability to breathe.  Simple as it sounds, it truly is a gift.  To inhale deeply and fully, feeling the clean air filling every nook and cranny of each lung isn’t a given.  With the smoke, its not as easy as it usually is but I know that inside I can breathe deep again.  I feel completely empowered in class as the breaths assisted in the stretches and gave extra push to the lifts and pulls on the pole.  The exhaling and inhaling to drift past the point where you think is the limit to discover you can do more than you expected or dreamed.

So tonight I’m going to take a few extra deep breaths and feel thankful for the organization and efficiency of those that protect us.  For the chance to be able to do more with my body than I thought I could.  For the surprises in each day and for the opportunities that lay ahead.

I’ve had a great weekend and looking forward to a busy week packed with a lot of new adventures in familiar and new spaces.


…..& frankly am exhausted & I am rambling.  I feel a sense of safety knowing that there are people protecting us.  A reminder that shit happens, but sometimes there will be people to assist in keeping it from being as bad as it could be.  For this I am thankful.


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