Missing the clicking of my old laptop’s keyboard. Something about it just felt different. As they say you don’t miss things til they are gone. Things like keys, remotes and socks just get replaced easily without much though. Sadly somethings just can’t be.  Tonight I’m missing friends, family and yes my laptop.

Caught up with a couple of friends and looking forward to time with more very soon. 

Ok…. I’m bitching again about dumb stuff. I want to write about how annoying it is to write without a keyboard. How frustrated I am wanting to take pictures but knowing I can’t down load them anywhere. Restricted to sharing shots from the phone, which sucks in its own little way.

Then it dawned on me.

That is insanity. Just several years ago I didn’t own a cellphone and rarely got on my mammoth desktop Gateway. I wasn’t addicted.

Now…. well suffering from a first class case of first world pains. Major withdrawal. Silly stuff like editing a random photograph or killing of a couple Sims in effort to relieve stress of daily life are severely missed.

So hello.
My name is Ali and I’m an addict.

So deal with it.
I need my fix & very soon.


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