Upside down & turn it loose

Another maniac monday, but survived & made it to pole class to end the night. Struggled with the grip and not thrilled with being face to face with my own image in the mirror literally every time I turned around – I swear my knees look goofy… but then came the new stuff to learn & an awakening to something I haven’t done in years.


We started upside down tonight. I LOVE being upside down.

Honestly I remember being a kid draped over the back of my parents couch dreaming of walking through the house on the ceiling. Goofy kid I know, but its me.

I had a flashback of that kid tonight. One by one we tried to slowly flip being safely spotted… & one by one I watched thinking, there is no way I am going to do this tonight, maybe next week, but I’m not that strong yet.

My turn came & it ended up being easier than I thought. Thrill of the new perspective on life still with me, I am happy to say it felt great!

Sure I could have just skipped my turn & admit my weakness, would have been in good company watching the others, but then I would never have realized I actually was able.

…it didn’t even really hit me how cool it was til I was half way home that I had actually done it!

Now I may be turning my world upside down more often.

Even if it does come with a few bruises here & there.


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